For those who crave assorted deliciousness, the SUPERCANDY® MULTI-PACK is here. The MULTI-PACK comes stocked with three packs each of four SUPERCANDY heroes: MEL, TART, GUMMY and BEAN


Short for caramel. Mel loves to hang out and have fun, but also has a sophisticated side that reveals rich flavor with every bite. With all the vibe of vintage caramel, Mel is a true classic, naturally re-mastered for today. It is recommended to COOLPACK this product - you may choose this from the options below. The additional charge does not include shipping.


Fruit-Full – It's the most advanced Tart known to humankind, a snack naturally designed to rocket your taste buds into the stratosphere. We used super science to squeeze massive flavor into a small space, so toss a handful into your mouth and hang on tight.


Multi-Berry – You know the tale of the magic beans, right? We've harnessed that same power, so you can eat a few of our Beans and preside over your own kingdom of delicious delights. Once the Multi-Berry flavor takes over, you know you're good to grow.


Multi-Berry – Save the bear shapes for stuffed animals – our Gummy offers pure function mixed with mega flavor. And since waiting is boring, our Gummy unleashes great taste right from the get-go to supercharge your very being.